The best snorkeling experience of your life!

The tour begins with a 45-minute boat trip to the coast of Isabela Island. Los Tuneles (in English the tunnels) are irregular formations of dry lava that, with the interaction of the ocean have created a perfect space for marine life. During a walk on the surface we will meet blue-footed boobies that use this place to nest. We are also going to see, surely, some of the dances that the males do to their female, raising their blue legs and opening their wings with their beaks pointing towards the sky … they are definitely charming. The other species of bird that we will meet are the penguins, the only ones that live so far north and the smallest in the world. Snorkeling at Los Túneles is probably the best marine experience you will ever have. Only surpassed by diving in the islands of the north of Galapagos. Here you can be close to the gentlest sharks in complete harmony. You will find yourself swimming with sea turtles and sea lions that have no problem being by your side. Thousands of colorful fish will pass in front of you on large benches or in small groups and you will even cross with some seahorses. I’m going to leave the link of a YouTube video that can explain a little better how awesome it is to snorkel in this space that would seem the best aquarium in the world for the variety of species that are together but the truth is that no video or any story can be very close to the close experience with these animals because coming to Galapagos makes our conscience grow and from one moment to another we feel the need to protect our planet, to be better and to spread the message. All of us who live here have that commitment and when you come to visit us you will find that spirit in all our activities. We want you to be part of this, so we’re waiting for you.
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