Island Hopping 8 Days / 7 Nights


Island Hopping 8 Days / 7 Nights


8 days in Galpagos jumping from island to island on a trip that you and your family will remember forever!

1.- San Cristobal – Interpretation Center – Frigate Birds Hill (Cerro Tijeretas) – Tijeretas Cove – Playa Carola

2.- Kicker Rock – Manglesito Beach

3.- Enderby Islet – Floreana Island – Asilo de la Paz – Galapagueras – Playa Negra – The Lobería

4.- Isabela – Tintoreras – Wetlands – Turtle Breeding Center – Puerto Villamil Beach

5.- Sierra Negra and Chico Volcanos – Concha de Perla Bay

6.- Los Tuneles de Cabo Rosa – The Embarcadero Beach – Santa Cruz

7.- Tortuga Bay Beach – Las Ninfas Lagoon – Lava Tunnels

8.- El Chato – Baltra


Departures: Cristobal-Cristobal, Baltra-Baltra, Cristobal-Baltra o Baltra-Cristobal

1.- You’ll arrive to the San Cristóbal airport and we’ll take you to the Galapagos hostel where you’ll have a delicious lunch. After it, we’ll visit the Interpretation Center to learn about the Galapagos Natural History. From this museum we’ll ascent to the Frigate Birds Hill (Cerro Tijeretas) for an amazing panoramic view of the Kicker Rock. After this, we’ll snorkel in the Tijeretas cove and Playa Carola with lots of colorful fishes, marine iguanas and sea lions. Dinner and free time to walk San Cristobal, a nice and peaceful town.

2.-After the breakfast of the second day, we’ll have a 40-minute navigation to the Kicker Rock for bird watching, the best snorkel of your life (hammerhead sharks, turtles, fishes), lunch on board and after that, 20 minutes navigation to Manglesito Beach for a hike. Return navigation of 20 minutes. Dinner and overnight.

* You can replace this day with Española (Punta Suarez and Gardner Bay) with a little extra payment of $ 140 *

(Española is one of the best Galapagos islands for observation of blue-footed boobies, masked apiqueros, seagulls, albatrosses, sea lions, marine iguanas, cucubes, etc., and you can practice excellent snorkeling on the Gardner Islet)

3.- Breakfast to prepare the third day starting with a 2 hour sailing to Enderby Islet for bird watching, after what we’ll have a 30 minutes sailing to the Floreana Island Port, to go to the hotel. We’ll make a visit to Asilo de la Paz (historical site, Caves of Pirates) and Galapagueras and we’ll make a break to lunch. In the afternoon we’ll go to Playa Negra and the Lobería to be with the sea lions and marine iguanas, snorkel with them and see magnificent birds around us. Dinner and free time.

3.- A pretty good breakfast will prepare us to sail to Isabela for 1 hour and 30 minutes to the hotel. We begin with a land tour in the Wetlands (lagoons surrounded by mangroves where flamingos and thousands of other fantastic birds can be seen), the Turtle Breeding Center to get in touch with the giant tortoises that gave the name to this magical islands and after it we’ll lunch. In the afternoon we’ll experience the Tintoreras Islet (lava formations that form channels where lots of sharks rest) in it’s depths to swim with sharks, marine iguanas, penguins and more. We’ll rest in Puerto Villamil Beach. And at night we’ll dinner and we’ll enjoy a free time to explore.

5.- Breakfast at the hotel and we’ll go for a hike to the Sierra Negra and Chico Volcanos to watch fumaroles, and a astonishing view. After the lunch, we’ll get to know Concha de Perla Bay to snorkel. Dinner and lodging.

6.- After the breakfast we’ll sail to Los Tuneles de Cabo Rosa… now this is a natural aquarium filled with mantarays, sharks, sea turtles, colorful fishes, sea horses… really awsome! There are people who say that this snorkel experience is even better tham most of scuba dive around the world and they’re not exagerating, I can tell you. Lunch and return to The Embarcadero Beach to sail to Santa Cruz. Dinner and free time.

7.- The seventh day starts with the breakfast and a hike to Tortuga Bay Beach to see a cactus forest, land and marine birds , reptiles, enjoy the beach and kayaking, if you want. We’ll lunch and then we’ll go to Las Ninfas Lagoon to see mangroves, fishes and seabirds. We’ll reach the Lava Tunnels for a beaiful panoramic view with land birds, lagoons and the crater… a photographer dream! Dinner and lodging.

8.- Breakfast for the last day of an spectacular trip. We’ll visit El Chato (natural habitat of giant tortoises). After that we’ll take you to the Baltra airport whre you can organize everything you’ve lived in your head. You’ll be plenty of storys to tell.

This tour includes:

  • Transfer airport – hotel – airport.
  • Transfers between the islands.
  • Bilingual naturalist guide.
  • Accomodation.
  • Breakfasts.
  • Lunches.
  • Activities described in the itinerary.
  • Snorkel equipement.

Does not include:

  • Food and beverages not specified in the itinerary.
  • Entrance fee to the National Park of $100 per person.
  • Inmigration control cart $20 per person.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Tips.
  • Extra expenses.


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