Kicker Rock or León Dormido

One of the most photographed places in the Galapagos Islands is the rock called Kicker Rock or León Dormido (in English: sleeping lion) for its shape. It is the remains of a volcanic cone and, because of its location, is a perfect destination to have a snorkeling and diving experience. On its surface we can see blue footed boobies, frigates, sea lions, iguanas and red-billed tropical birds. And in its depths, between these two immense rocks the adventure that we are going to have is determined by a landscape very different from those we have in the shallow waters of places like Las Tintoreras and Los Túneles. Here, a blue canvas gives us the opportunity to see hammerhead sharks, manta rays, dolphins, sea turtles, sea lions and thousands of colorful fish while hiding, at the same time, what is beyond. It makes us grow, in this way, the desire to go from snorkeling to diving. In Galapagos it often happens that one feels that it is no longer possible to get to do something more interesting and exciting until the next day arrives. All the following days are full of people and experiences that complement the previous ones to go increasing a unique knowledge. A knowledge that we would like to continue throughout our lives because it involves awareness and discipline about an inexplicable and uncontrollable natural power. This knowledge can be very well represented by sports such as surfing and scuba-diving because they involve a person’s relationship with nature in its most unpredictable and imposing form, the respect that must be given to such immense power and the beauty of the dance that is possible after meeting. After dancing with the Pacific Ocean, one is forever in love.
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