Galatravel Europe

Hi, I'm Maria...

and this is my favorite place to go on vacations!

The people I’ve worked with are from here and Galatravel has more than 25 years creating the best experiences for tourists who come to visit the Enchanted Islands.


Our mission is to create awareness of the beauty that has been entrusted to us so that together we can preserve it for our children and grandchildren.

It will always be a pleasure for me to be able to answer your questions and clear all your doubts about Ecuador and the Galapagos.

It is a wonderful place full of generous people. A country that will stay in your heart and will always make you feel welcome.

Call or write without obligation. Go ahead!

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GALAPAGOS is ready for YOU!

from here!

This is one of the most secure places
in the world right now.
Immerse yourself in an amazing experience
for your life!